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The Consequences of Lockdown - Archive of Links

Updated: Dec 31, 2020


This page aims to document the devastating economic, societal and health effects lockdowns have had worldwide:


December 30th Update:

Delingpole: German Economist Says ‘Great Reset Will Cause a Crash Worse than 1930s’

Dr. Heinrich Fiechtner: “You Are Leading Our Country Into Ruin!”

More than half of UK's furloughed jobs at risk of automation – report

2mn UK families at risk of plunging into poverty with lockdowns projected to DOUBLE ‘destitution levels’, study finds

Thirst killed 345 non-Covid patients in hospitals and care homes during first lockdown

Another NHS testimony. - (Video)

‘Do not resuscitate’ orders caused potentially avoidable deaths, regulator finds - "Do-not-resuscitate orders were wrongly allocated to some care home residents during the Covid-19 pandemic, causing potentially avoidable deaths, the first phase of a review by England’s Care Quality Commission has found.

The regulator warned that some of the “inappropriate” do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation (DNACPR) notices applied in the spring may still be in place and called on all care providers to check with the person concerned that they consent. "

Americans’ mental health falls to 20-year low amid lockdowns and pandemic – survey


December 2nd Update:

'Do Not Resuscitate' orders are being ILLEGALLY put on files of adult patients with learning difficulties, charity warns

We Have Immune Systems, New York Times Reveals


November 26th Update:

The Covid “Pandemic”: Destroying People’s Lives. Engineered Economic Depression. Global “Coup d’Etat”?

What NO ONE is Saying About The Lockdowns

Spending review 2020: UK economy to shrink 11.3% this year - as Rishi Sunak commits nearly £300bn to COVID crisis

"Panic Attack" And "Night Terror" Searches Erupt Across US Amid Second Virus Wave

Panic And Desperation Sweep Across America As Fears Of A "Dark Winter" Continue To Rise


November 21st Update:

Collateral Damage? CDC Admits COVID Lockdowns Sparked Surge In Children’s Mental Health Issues

Harvard Researchers: Nearly Half of Young Adults Showing Signs of Depression Amid Pandemic

Malaria deaths could double if prevention is interrupted by COVID-19

Psychology Open Letter to Policy Makers and the PublicPublished 01 November 2020 - "We, as psychology professionals, would like to share our concerns regarding the psychological impacts of measures implemented in response to what has been named the COVID-19 pandemic..."

From all over the globe, we are hearing stories of lives lost, livelihoods destroyed and mental and physical suffering of the old, young, sick and healthy. Not from Covid-19, but as a direct result of crippling lockdown policies. - Do you or someone you know have a story to tell? - PANDA

Is the cost of another lockdown too high?

Car insurance could be invalid if you drive during lockdown

Actor films mother’s ‘distressing’ arrest for taking grandmother, 97, out of care home before lockdown

'Toxic lockdown' sees huge rise in babies harmed or killed

NHS Crisis: 35,000+ ‘Excess’ Cancer Deaths Due To COVID19 Policies

The climate of fear is crippling our mental health


My letter to Michael Gove

The psychological devastation of a second lockdown will be too much for many to bear, writes consultant forensic psychologist DR KERI NIXON

‘Lockdowns KILL’: Trump Covid adviser Atlas forced to APOLOGIZE for RT interview as media uproar deflects to ‘Russian propaganda’

COVID and Its Man-Made Gigantic Collateral Damage: The Great Reset – A Call for Civil Disobedience

Travel chaos as holidays abroad are outlawed under new lockdown rules prompting a stampede to leave now and those with trips booked fretting about refunds

Now 42 mental health experts warn that lockdown will trigger a spike in suicide, self-harm, alcoholism and domestic abuse

Maajid Nawaz corners epidemiologist over cost of second lockdown

Coronavirus: Research reveals toll of Covid on families with disabled and seriously ill children

Governments’ Covid-19 reaction to close economies worse than pandemic itself – Jim Rogers

The Impact of Lockdowns

Sadly, the number of suicide and attempted suicide incidents we attend are increasing. Our crews now attend an average of 37 suicides or attempted suicides per day, compared to 22 in 2019 and 17 five years ago. - London Ambulance Service

The hidden Covid-19 health crisis: Elderly people are dying from isolation

COVID-19 is destroying global freedom, and it may not rebound

Dying mother 'unable to choose' which child should visit her due to coronavirus pandemic

Christian leaders urge Welsh Assembly not to close churches during ‘firebreak’ lockdown


October 23rd Update:

Lockdowns 'kill more Britons than they save': Leading economists warn that Government's coronavirus strategy is coming with a heavy price 

Coronavirus: Lung cancers 'may have been misdiagnosed as COVID' during pandemic

The healthcare system isn’t interested in anything other than Covid… not even lung cancer

The cruelty of the care home visit ban

Hippocrates cancelled - Health bureaucrats and actively complicit doctors are now guilty of crimes against humanity

Stanford Professor Warns COVID Shelter-in-Place Orders Are ‘Killing People'

Open letter: Infection prevention and control should never be at the expense of compassionate care - Nursing Times

The OTHER coronavirus death toll: 26,000 more people than usual died in private homes in England and Wales between March and September - but only 3% of them from Covid

"A source just gave me the following information. A hospital in Wales, Nevill Hall in Abergavenny, has 250 beds. 200 beds are empty. The surgeons are bored & pass much time on the nearby golf course..." - A thread by Michael Yeadon

The lockdown ghost towns: More than a MILLION hospitality and retail jobs may vanish by end of the year as venue owners in northern cities brand coronavirus restrictions a 'death sentence' for business

Covid lockdown ‘killed hundreds of Brits from heart attacks and strokes’ as sick avoided going to hospital

Britain must not be sacrificed on the altar of fighting Covid-19, writes Professor ROBERT DINGWALL, a Government advisor on pandemics

High-profile GPs warn Government against second Covid lockdown

A medic’s case against another lockdown - Dr Matt Strauss

Coronavirus: WHO backflips on virus stance by condemning lockdowns - Lockdowns have been used to control the coronavirus around the world. Now a WHO official has questioned the success of them.

Victory? WHO Official Calls Lockdowns 'Ghastly Global Catastrophe'

Statement of the Australian Covid Medical Network - Against Lockdowns

How to kill a thriving metropolis in 7 months: NYC’s Covid-19 failure is a vicious spiral directed by a sadistic political regime


October 12th Update:

World Health Organization Slams Lockdowns For ‘Doubling’ Global Poverty

The Year the NHS Failed the People of Britain - Letter From a UK GP

The Devastating Economic Impact of Covid-19 Shutdowns

Lockdowns of Young People Lead to More Deaths from Covid-19

Lockdowners Speak with Privilege, and Contempt for the Poor and Working Class

Coronavirus lockdowns 'may kill MORE than herd immunity strategy does': Strict restrictions and school closures could increase deaths as Covid bounces back, major study finds

A scientific review of the science behind lockdown concludes the policy was a MISTAKE & will have caused MORE deaths from Covid-19

'Inhumane, degrading, inexplicable': Britain's Covid care home policies 'violated the fundamental human rights of vulnerable elderly residents', Amnesty International report finds

The Case for Lockdown Reparations

Coronavirus: One million breast screenings missed because of pandemic

How Many Millions Do The Lockdowners Plan To Kill?

The making of Britain’s Covid catastrophe - Dr. John Lee

Boris’s new Covid restrictions are unscientific mumbo jumbo and an exercise in futility that will wreak havoc on millions

Lockdown 'could kill 75,000 over five years' - that's the OFFICIAL projection of non-COVID deaths caused by missed cancer diagnoses, cancelled operations and health impacts of a recession. The virus death toll? 42,000 

Harvard Epidemiologist: Lockdowns A Disaster

BOE Steps Up Negative Rates Work as Economic Threats Mount

UN food agency warns of ‘hunger pandemic’ as coronavirus spreads

Cannock Chase Hospital operations stopped due to Covid case


September 15th 2020 Update:

NHS admissions for cancer, heart attacks, other deadly illnesses fall by thousands amid Covid-19 outbreak in UK – report

Coronavirus: Mental health campaign for young people launches as third say they are sadder than before lockdown

Prostate cancer referrals have dropped by half since lockdown, figures show - Thousands of men could face early death because of lack of access to NHS checks during pandemic

‘Unprecedented’ number of DNR orders for learning disabilities patients - From April

Let’s be honest, the NHS is awful

The NHS looks like a heartless behemoth which is deaf to the people’s suffering - Patients with life-threatening conditions are still not being seen - it's moving beyond mere neglect into the realms of manslaughter

How Covid exposed the world’s lack of care

Liberty in lockdown

£500billion cost of ghost town Britain: Staggering hit to economy in next four years if workers stay away from office, study finds

Vic Premier Daniel Andrews hit with multi-billion dollar class action claim

Tracking the Unprecedented Food Crisis Brought on by Covid-19

Wait to 2022 to see an NHS consultant, patients told

Mass use of hand gels to control Covid risks creating superbug 'armageddon' as other bacteria and viruses build up resistance, researchers warn

The end of small business - Giant corporations may be the only survivors in the post-pandemic economy

Local lockdowns based on arbitrary figures are punishing England's poorest - Carl Heneghan

Lockdowns are Cruel and Regressive, says Oxford University’s Professor Sunetra Gupta

The Upsetting Reality of a Post-Lockdown London GP Surgery - An Anonymous Account

Mortgage Delinquencies Decade High… 54% Of San Francisco Storefronts No Longer In Business… As Permanent Economic Damage Piles up, the Covid Crisis is Looking More Like the Great Recession

Coronavirus pandemic halts life-saving UK cancer and heart disease research

CDC: 11% of US adults seriously considered suicide in June

Coronavirus Australia: Entrepreneurs slam ‘reckless’ border closures, Victorian stage four restrictions

‘Famine of biblical proportions’ looms over humanity due to Covid-19, UN food chief warns

"Care homes asked to place blanket 'Do Not Resuscitate' orders on residents at height of pandemic. One in 10 staff members changed DNR plans without discussion with family members, nursing staff, or residents."

Coronavirus: Study reveals alarming impact of Covid on care home sector

NHS managers told care homes to put blanket 'do not resuscitate' orders on ALL residents at height of Covid crisis, report shows

Assisted dying could be legalised in the UK within four years, leading MP predicts


August 21st 2020 Update:

Virus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month

LOCKDOWN LUNACY 3.0: It's over - See also (Part 1)(Part 2)

Twice as many UK adults suffered depression during coronavirus pandemic, govt data shows

Lockdown ‘will mean fewer healthy years for many’

Coronavirus: Marks & Spencer to cut 7,000 jobs after 'material shift' in trading

Lockdowns, Coronavirus, and Banks: “Following the Money”. Devastating Economic and Social Impacts

Patients will have to book a spot at A&E by autumn

Denver doctors may have found the answer to a pandemic mystery: What happened to all the heart attacks?

The coronavirus scandal becomes criminal: Elderly hospital patients who tested positive WERE discharged BACK into UK care homes

Prof. Udi Qimron: 'History will judge the hysteria' - Top Tel Aviv U prof says "There is a great interest for anyone who supported the draconian measures in saying Sweden's policy has failed."

Revealed: Nearly 20,000 households made homeless during pandemic

Peru - The world's toughest lockdown has resulted in the world's highest COVID-19 death toll - Lockdown: a case study of failure.


August 18th 2020 Update:

The Lockdown Lobotomy -The effects of lockdown have caused far more damage than the virus ever could

How many years of life did lockdown save – or destroy?

COVID-19 Lockdown Will Result in a Million More (Not Fewer) Deaths

'Bonfire of jobs' with a THIRD of firms planning lay offs this autumn as figures are set to show the economy has formally gone into recession

Quarter of a million over-50s ‘will never work again’ after coronavirus

Redundancies Up Fivefold as Coronavirus Hits Jobs

UK crashes into recession with record 20pc quarterly slump

Japan's economy suffers record 27.8% contraction in April-June

PETER HITCHENS: My suspicion is that the wrecking of the economy and the state-sponsored panic of these times has killed more people than Covid ever did

A new way to look at lockdown severity and its effects.


August 6th 2020 Update:


A Senior Carer's Testimony - Clare Wills-Harrison

The scandal of excess deaths at home - Dr Waqar Rashid

40 MILLION Americans Could Be Homeless Soon, With “Catastrophic” Impact On Rest Of Economy


August 1st 2020 Update:

Social relationships and mortality risk: a meta-analytic review - The quality and quantity of individuals' social relationships has been linked not only to mental health but also to both morbidity and mortality.

Why Loneliness Is Hazardous to Your Health

Study: Global Lockdowns Killing 10,000 Children Per Month

Lockdown policy has had "significant unintended consequences” and it has killed 2,700 people a week - The Telegraph


July 29th 2020 Update:

"Virus-linked hunger is tied to 10,000 child deaths each month, according to the UN" - (By virus-linked they, of course, mean insane, unnecessary lockdown-linked)

Lockdown Deaths, Not Covid Deaths

Hitchens: ‘Excessive COVID Fears Have Completely Changed the Country’

Sedation to manage 'lockdown distress' may have led to dementia deaths

The Ultimate Divide and Conquer


July 13th 2020 Update:

Scots cancer deaths soar as 900 patients die at home during lockdown

Did care homes use powerful sedatives to speed Covid deaths? Number of prescriptions for the drug midazolam doubled during height of the pandemic 


July 8th 2020 Update:

More Than 10,000 Excess Cancer Deaths due to COVID-19 Delays

Coronavirus could cause 35,000 extra UK cancer deaths, experts warn

Extra 10,000 dementia deaths in England and Wales in April

Dying of neglect: the other Covid care home scandal

A 1,500% SURGE in child abuse and it’s probably under-counted: the brutal, hidden cost of lockdown that should alarm the world

‘I went 13 times begging for a scan’: UK cancer patient tells RT delays in NHS amid Covid-19 cut his chance of survival

230,000 renters to lose their homes in summer of evictions

All-cause mortality during COVID-19: No plague and a

likely signature of mass homicide by government


“Globally, the lockdown measures have increased the number of people at risk of starvation to 1.1 billion, and they are putting at risk millions of lives,” -Dr John Ioannidis

Austin Hospital Withheld Treatment from Disabled Man Who Contracted Coronavirus

‘For the 1st time in living memory’: IMF expects Asian economy to shrink as it downgrades forecast


July 1st 2020 Update:

No Fun Allowed in Grim ‘New Normal’, COVID-Cult UK

Coronavirus: Upper Crust owner blames lockdown for 5,000 UK redundancies

Opposing lockdown is NOT “profits before people” - The UK’s policy is already killing people, it will kill many more if we don’t stop it. Soon.

9,440 UK job losses announced in a day

Coronavirus: UK firms slash more than 12,000 jobs in two days

‘Cries for help’: Drug overdoses are soaring during the coronavirus pandemic

After the terrible damage lockdown has caused, we can never do it again


June 30th 2020 Update:

UK billionaires see personal wealth grow by £25bn during pandemic lockdown

Criminal cases backlog could take a decade to clear, watchdog warns - Trial by jury under threat

Nearly half the U.S. population is without a job, showing how far the labor recovery has to go

COVID-19: Guidance for small marriages (UK Gov.) - You may NOT kiss the bride

‘The lockdown is causing so many deaths’ - Dr Malcolm Kendrick on the disastrous response to Covid-19.

This is so weird that I can’t fathom it: Why did deaths in those aged 15–44 spike during lockdown, but only in England?

COVID-19: “Excess deaths” or State-sponsored “homicide”?


June 21st 2020 Update:

LEADING clinicians have written to Boris Johnson warning the UK faces a "second health catastrophe" because so many non-Covid patients are missing out on treatment as a result of the pandemic.


June 20th 2020 Update:

Lockdown ‘has left pupils withdrawn and disturbed’, says top London head

'Do Not Resuscitate Forms' are being used to deny medical treatment to patients whose only 'crime' is to be disabled in some way

Full Video of link above - Have You Been Put on a List to be Left to Die?

UK billionaires see personal wealth grow by £25bn during pandemic lockdown


June 17th 2020 Updates:

‘Unprecedented’ number of DNR orders for learning disabilities patients

The Data Are In: It’s Time for Major Reopening


June 16th 2020 Update:

Lockdown costs 30 years of hospitality and retail profits - Switzerland

Interview 1555 – Rosemary Frei on How the High Death Rate in Care Homes Was Created on Purpose

More than 600,000 lose work in UK as COVID-19 hits jobs market


June 15th Updates:

Millions of Job Losses Are at Risk of Becoming Permanent

Economic fallout from a pandemic hitting UK was never modelled, senior civil servants admit


June 14th 2020 Update:

Africa faces 'hunger pandemic' as coronavirus destroys jobs and fuels poverty

Coronavirus: Child psychologists highlight mental health risks of lockdown

Lockdown Catastrophe: The Need for Resilient Food Systems

85% Of Independent Restaurants Could Go Out Of Business By The End Of 2020: Report

US Will Run Budget Deficit of Over $4 Trn This Year, At Levels Not Seen Since WWII, Analyst Says


June 13th 2020 Update:

8 Simple Steps To End The Lockdown: Say Yes, Not No

BREAKING: Care Assistant Reveals Criminal Neglect at Dublin Nursing Home

Residents abandoned, left without food and water

Up to 75% of deaths avoidable

Residents left in inhumane conditions

7 staff sacked after raising concerns

HSE/HIQA Cover-up


June 12th 2020 Update:

Social distancing destroys our lives as social beings - Jonathan Sumption

"We Need To Act Now" - UN Warns World Faces Worst Food Crisis In 50 Years


Posts Before 12th June 2020:

U.N. warns economic downturn could kill hundreds of thousands of children in 2020

Lockdown: Collateral Damage in the War on COVID-19

Lockdown Sceptics

UK debt soars to highest since 1963, retail sales slump

LOCKDOWN LUNACY: the thinking person's guide

UK coronavirus victims have lain undetected at home for two weeks

“Staggering number” of extra deaths in community is not explained by covid-19

Reflections on the Inevitable Effects of the Unnecessary Lockdown

Nearly TWO-THIRDS of Britons with life-threatening health conditions denied care during Covid-19 crisis, new research shows

California homeless deaths multiply as Covid-19 lockdowns cut off access to medical care, food & sanitation

Anxiety From Reactions to Covid-19 Will Destroy At Least Seven Times More Years of Life Than Can Be Saved by Lockdowns

"Nothing Can Justify This Destruction Of People's Lives"

We’re all in the big numbers now

Adding up the damage Britain’s Covid-19 policies have caused

The REAL meaning behind Dominic Cummings breaking lockdown: From Ferguson to Cuomo to Cummings, the high profile Lockdown violations show the establishment don’t believe their own hype

Nobel Laureate Scientist: Lockdown ‘May Have’ Cost More Lives Than It Saved, Damage Far Worse Than Positives

The 2006 Origins of the Lockdown Idea

LOKIN-20: The Lockdown Regime Causes Increasing Health Concerns

Suicides on the rise amid stay-at-home order, Bay Area medical professionals say

600 Physicians Say Lockdowns Are A ‘Mass Casualty Incident’

‘The costs are too high’: the scientist who wants lockdown lifted faster

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