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About Us

Discerning the Covid-19 Agenda.

In a few short months the world has changed immeasurably. Who could have foreseen on January 1st, 2020, that by April of the same year a great proportion of the global population would be under house arrest? That all 'non-essential' businesses would be closed? That churches would be shut and all sports events and holidays cancelled? And that these things, along with many others too numerous to mention here, are to be the 'new normal' until another 'new normal' of mandatory vaccinations, track and tracing, health passports and submission to a global surveillance state is implemented?

And, most astonishing of all is that this has come about under demonstrably false pretenses.

The purpose of this site is to document how, and why, this has happened and present suggestions of what we can do to resist this 'new normal'. 

Discerning the Covid-19 Agenda


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