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Face Masks - Archive of Links


Studies, articles and other links showing masks are not only ineffective in preventing the spread of viruses, but are in fact harmful in a myriad of ways:


November 26th Update:

Dr. Elke F. de Klerk talked about the COVID19 situation, the danger of wearing masks, the PCR tests, the infiltration of Big Pharma at the universities, the fraud, and medical courses and several other topics related to the current situation she is very worried about. PART 1


November 21st Update:

Proof that masks do more harm than good - Dr Vernon Coleman video


October 23rd Update:


October 12th Update:


September 15th Update:

NYC family kicked off JetBlue flight over 2-year-old's refusal to wear mask - "Passengers on the Orlando-to-Newark flight stood up for the family, asking those around them to bombard customer service."


August 21st 2020 Update:

Face coverings for covid-19: from medical intervention to social practice - Summary: How to bully, peer pressure and shame people into wearing masks.


August 18th 2020 Update:


August 6th 2020 Update:


July 29th 2020 Update:


July 23rd 2020 Update:


July 18th 2020 Update:


July 13th 2020 Update:


July 8th 2020 Update:


July 7th 2020 Update:


July 1st 2020 Update:


June 30th 2020 Update:


June 23rd 2020 Update:


June 20th 2020 Update:


June 16th 2020 Update:


June 15th 2020 Update:


June 13th 2020 Update:


June 12th 2020 Update:


Posts Before 12th June 2020:

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Discerning the Covid-19 Agenda


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