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The World Fights Back


October 23rd Update:

Victory for Liverpool's gyms as Government backs down and allows them to re-open despite being in Tier 3 lockdown

Britain is at boiling point: JOHN HUMPHRYS rails at fear replacing reason, ministers who have lost control... and why the public is rising up against the hysterical response to Covid's second wave

Longterm Care Residents In Greeley Protest COVID-19 Restrictions


The good young folk of Liverpool having a party!

Orthodox Jews take to the streets of Brooklyn, New York, to protest tonight’s arrest of Jewish activist, Heshy Tischler, who organized anti lockdown protests

Spain’s VOX Party Lockdown Protest Causes Gridlock in Madrid


Discuss Unite for Freedom Day of Protest

THOUSANDS march from Trafalgar Square into Whitehall to protest the gov's DISASTROUS response to Covid & their medical totalitarian tyranny. - Video

Police try to break up the the Berlin protest. The protesters refuse to move and chant "We stay here." - Video

And sing the national anthem - Video

Thousands of people protest against COVID-19 restrictions in Ottawa

Protest In Ottawa

Crowds attend anti-RTÉ protest in Donnybrook

Anti-mask demonstrators gathered in Paris this afternoon. They denounce an attack on individual freedoms by chanting “Freedom!”. (via Yahoo News)

A massive protest takes place in Zurich, Switzerland against the coronavirus restrictions. - Video

Coronavirus: protestors march against Covid-19 measures in Zurich

People have gathered near the State House in Boston to protest the mandatory flu shot for all students in Massachusetts, from child care to college.

Rumblings beginning in NZ - "1 2 3 4 get Jacinda out the door!" - Video

Anti-lockdown protesters arrested after clashing with police in Melbourne

Tens of thousands of Australians are preparing to participate in “Freedom Day” protests against coronavirus restrictions.

March on Holyrood - Saving Scotland

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Discerning the Covid-19 Agenda


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