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Surveillance and Police State - Archive of Links

Updated: Dec 31, 2020


Health passports, quarantine camps, surveillance, censorship, medical martial law and police brutality, all in the name of Covid-19, is documented here:


December 30th Update:

Yes, Bill Gates Said That – Here’s the Proof

US govt to issue wallet-sized COVID-19 proof of vaccination cards

Why I fear the introduction of Covid-19 vaccination cards will lead seamlessly to us being forced to carry ‘immunity passports’

BREAKING – Cdl. Burke: COVID is being used for ‘Great Reset’ to attack ‘freedom’ and ‘families’

Mexico’s president calls virus lockdowns “dictatorship”


December 3rd Update:

Warp Speed Ahead: COVID-19 Vaccines Pave the Way for a New Frontier in Surveillance

UK Minister Warns Brits Could Be Denied Normal Life Without COVID Vaccination

Covid-19: Facebook to take down false vaccine claims - (Warning: BBC)

COVID-19: Americans are in ‘delusional psychosis’ and policing each other, psychiatrist warns


December 2nd Update:

British Elite Army Unit To Spy On & Combat 'Anti-Vax Militants': Sunday Times

Wales brings in 'immunity passports': People will get ID-style cards to prove they have had coronavirus vaccine amid fears pubs and shops will demand to see them before letting people in

The Censorship of Dr. Briand

Portuguese judges who queried reliability of Covid tests at risk of being disciplined


November 26th Update:


US, UK Intel Agencies Declare Cyber War On Independent Media

Head of WHO Suggests COVID Restrictions Will Continue Even After Vaccine

Mexico City abandons compulsory coronavirus track and trace after citizens refuse to be tracked

‘Great Reset’ Mastermind: Enforce Brain Scans Before Allowing Travel

'Health passports' for air travel mean mandatory Covid-19 vaccines cloaked in the illusion of choice

New COVID-19 Security Measures Will Make Health a Prerequisite for Travel - "As the multi-sector, global response to the coronavirus tightens the noose around civil liberties, CommonPass stands out as one of the most appalling and dangerous attacks on basic human rights in the name of public health."

Britons who test negative for Covid twice in a week are set to receive a 'freedom pass' under government scheme that will allow them to live a normal life

More New Wearable COVID Tech that Constantly Tracks and Zaps People

LORD SUMPTION: Our lives belong to us, not the state. It's morally wrong for government control freaks to tell us what we can do at Christmas


November 21st Update:


People could be asked to prove they’ve had Covid vaccine to get into sports events and concerts

The Betrayal of the Clerks: UK Intellectuals in the Service of the Biosecurity State

UK MP Suggests People Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Work Without COVID Vaccine

Anti-vaccination content on social media is "poison" and "garbage" and should be "stamped-out", Labour has said.

Spain will require a negative PCR test from travellers coming from over 60 countries

Covid: care home called police after woman sneaked in to see husband

Spreading anti-vaxx conspiracy theories should be a CRIME, top scientists say amid fears bogus claims will damage uptake of coronavirus jab

Britain died for me this week. It’s become a Covid-obsessed police state, and I don’t understand what it stands for anymore

Greeks have to ask permission to leave their home in Europe's second lockdown: Paris puts 10pm curfew on food deliveries and Italy's new clampdown begins

Cameras Installed All Over The UK To Monitor Social-Distancing

Britain's government is exploiting fear to suit its actions, whether on Covid or terrorism

Lockdown: Met apologises for arrest threats to journalists covering protest - Police showed ‘disregard of the the principles of a free media’, says Society of Editors

Everyone in Liverpool will be tested for covid-19 as armed forces arrive to launch first whole city testing operation

Actor films mother’s ‘distressing’ arrest for taking grandmother, 97, out of care home before lockdown

Bonfire of the Freedoms: The Unlawful Exercise of Powers conferred by the Public Health (Control of Disease) Act 1984

Five years imprisonment and/or a $66,600 fine for refusing coronavirus vaccination? - Letter to the British Medical Journal


No Vaccine for Tyranny

'CommonPass': New COVID-19 Security Measures Will Make Health A Prerequisite For Travel

All fun is tracked, traced and cancelled in our misconceived efforts to beat Covid

Family Christmas gatherings that breach Covid rules will be broken up, PCCs warn

Former Supreme Court judge Lord Sumption calls coronavirus curbs tyrannical and a 'breathtaking' infringement of democratic rights

Transcript of Lord Sumption's speech in the video below

Fear Secures Obedience In COVID-19 War

COVID-19 is destroying global freedom, and it may not rebound

QAnon & Censorship: Facebook Lying About OffG…again - The censorship train is leaving the station, and we’re all running out of time to jump off


October 23rd Update:

Return of the shopping trolley police: 'Power mad' Welsh first minister Mark Drakeford orders supermarkets to sell only 'essential goods' when 17-day 'fire break' lockdown starts in Wales today

Even I don't know the rules: Police officer in charge of enforcing UK's coronavirus lockdown laws makes shocking confession to MPs

Police will not fine people over 'confusing' new Covid-19 rules

Engineers print wearable sensors directly on skin without heat - An international team of researchers developed a novel technique to produce precise, high-performing biometric sensors

White House Expert Scott Atlas Censored By Twitter - Twitter has capped off a week of censorship by silencing a top White House scientist.

New tech promises to diagnose COVID-19 through an implantable microchip

Google And Oracle Will Track The Vaccinated With ‘Incredibly Precise’ Tech

"Armed Police to issue a fine for a Gym not closing in Liverpool today. This is ONLY going to get worse."

How UK "Track-And-Trace" Data From Restaurants Is Being Harvested And Sold On

Quarantine/Isolation Camps Coming to Canada


October 12th Update:

‘The Great Reset’: World leaders to harness COVID and pursue 'sinister' climate agenda

France moves to ban homeschooling in 2021 - France's president explicitly intends the move to stifle religious instruction of children.

Big Brother is watching your social-distancing! Over 1,000 AI scanners are monitoring how close pedestrians are walking to each in major UK cities

Covid passport that could help international travellers avoid quarantine to launch in the UK

As Boris Johnson announces Britain’s ‘great reset’, were the Covid ‘conspiracy theorists’ right all along?

The UK is becoming a tyranny as tinpot dictator BoJo rides roughshod over laws without caring what ANYONE thinks


Health Secretary Matt Hancock confirms armed forces will be involved in distributing Covid vaccine as he reveals planning for nationwide rollout is already underway

The huge change coming to how you claim government benefits: Aussies will use new $250million facial recognition to access services

No jab, no movement? UK MP pushes mandatory Covid-19 vaccination for travel, suggests army should oversee rollout

The ‘New Normal’ Is A Rehash Of Last Century’s Totalitarianism

Coronavirus: Five new COVID-19 laws and fines that government slipped out

‘Draconian’ restrictions around Covid-19 condemned by HSE doctor

Daniel Andrews’ plan for indefinite detention – and more

‘All this can be avoided if people don’t protest’: Politician after police stomp on man’s head

From Blue Shirts to Brown


September 15th 2020 Update:

Episode 383 – COVID-911: From Homeland Security to Biosecurity - Corbett Report

Boris Johnson admits his new 'Covid Marshals' WON'T be able to arrest people or issue fines and can be volunteers - as 'baffled' police say they have 'no idea' what their role is

Curfew ‘invalid’ and everyone can ignore it, says Michael Wyles QC

Next coronavirus rule change coming into law on Friday for pubs and hair salons

In Spain, cops try to detain a woman for not wearing her mask. A dozen people throw off their masks and wrestle the lady from their grasps. This is what it's going to take to quell this nonsense.

Quebec City Says it Will Isolate “Uncooperative” Citizens in Secret Corona Facility

Civil liberties group campaigns to scrap Coronavirus Act

Coronavirus denier is investigated by police after BANNING customers wearing face masks from entering his shop 

Coronavirus: Apple iPhones can contact-trace without Covid app

Russians overwhelmingly oppose microchipping of humans, fear becoming cyborgs without even knowing it – state-backed poll

Health Passport Ireland. Not terrifying at all.

Coronavirus Melbourne: ‘Ring-fencing’ plan for high virus suburbs

Coronavirus: Government paid reality TV stars to promote NHS Test and Trace

The WHO is monitoring online conversations and emotions, using “social listening” to change COVID narratives

From Lockdown to Police State: the “Great Reset” Rolls Out

Isle of Man visitor jailed after bus journey to locksmith during quarantine

The Fatal Attraction of Techno-Fascism

Covid: Woman in Australia jailed for six months over quarantine breach

13 die in stampede at Peru nightclub after police take action to enforce Covid-19 party ban

NHS staff sign up to Covid-19 sniffer dog trial

Women Beaten By Spanish Cops For Not Properly Wearing Face Masks


August 21st 2020 Update:

Coronavirus: All New Zealand's confirmed COVID-19 cases to be put in quarantine facilities from now on

Covid 19 coronavirus: Waiting times down at Auckland checkpoints, police say

NEW: Clashes between anti-lockdown protestors and police in The Hague - Video

Dutch Protest - August 20th - Video

Police are preparing to launch their aerial arsenal as part of a crackdown on COVID rule breakers. High powered drones will be used to find people not wearing masks, and cars too far from home. - Australia now, the rest of the world soon.

Manchester lockdown party house closed for three months

Australia's big four banks remove thousands of ATMs and shut down hundreds of branches as the coronavirus crisis pushes nation closer to a cashless society

'Forced Isolation May Be the Only Way to Stop Resurgence of Virus'

The Panopticon Is Already Here - Xi Jinping is using artificial intelligence to enhance his government’s totalitarian control—and he’s exporting this technology to regimes around the globe.

From Lockdowns to "The Great Reset"


August 18th 2020 Update:

The future is ‘CLEAR’ and it’s Dystopian: Virus hype ushers in a Covid 19-84 nightmare of restricted access

States have authority to fine or jail people who refuse coronavirus vaccine, attorney says

'Morality pills' may be the US's best shot at ending the coronavirus pandemic, according to one ethicist - Terrifying article calling for effectively drugging the population to make them more compliant.

Compulsory Moral Bioenhancement Should be Covert

The New Normal: “Covert Moral Enhancement” for “coronavirus defectors”Academic article suggests putting psycho-active drugs in the water supply to make people “co-operative”

Biosecurity Theatre - James Corbett

Face-Pay? How COVID is Accelerating Facial Recognition Payment Systems

The New Normal: What is the UK Biosecurity State? (Part 1. Programmes and Regulations)

New Zealand To Put COVID-19 Patients Into Mandatory Quarantine Camps

Arkansas National Guard transporting COVID-19 patients to isolation facility

Storing medical information below the skin’s surface


August 6th 2020 Update:

Crossing the Rubicon: The UK Slips into a Repressive State



More than 90 coronavirus laws and rules imposed without Parliamentary scrutiny

5 Ways “The New Normal” is Getting Worse and Worse

Madness in Melbourne

Millions of over 50s could be told to stay at home to avoid a blanket second lockdown under 'nuclear plans' drawn up by Boris Johnson after bubble bursts on easing lockdown

Coronavirus: Victoria declares state of disaster, Melbourne curfew introduced - 'State of disaster'! What a joke.

Coronavirus: Major incident declared in Greater Manchester after COVID-19 rise - 'Major Incident'! What a joke.


August 1st 2020 Update:

'CovidPass' Propaganda Video


July 29th 2020 Update:

Spanish government preparing centers to isolate asymptomatic Covid-19 patients

Respiratory inspection queues and vaccination record tattoos the future of travel - BBC

Government admits that NHS Test and Trace programme is unlawful



July 13th 2020 Update:

Bill Gates: ‘Certificates For The Vaccinated Will Be Created To Help Facilitate Global Travel’


July 8th 2020 Update:

Melbourne, Australia: 9 Public housing towers with 3000 residents forcibly locked in their homes. Unable to leave their apartments. 500 armed police keeping them inside. Police on every floor. No one allowed in or out. Forced door-to-door testing and food rationing.

Governor declares State of Emergency, authorizes 1,000 National Guard troops to Atlanta

UN enlists 10,000 digital volunteers to fight COVID-19 misinformation

Texas County To Arrest COVID-19 Positive Residents Who Refuse To Self-Isolate

Italy could ‘section’ people who refuse treatment for Covid-19

Mass-Tracking COVI-PASS Immunity Passports Slated to Roll Out in 15 Countries


June 30th 2020 Update:

Buying Gasoline in Venezuela? We’re Going to Need Your Biometric Data


June 20th 2020 Update:

Facebook using “fact-checkers” to censor dissent on Covid19

All prosecutions under new Coronavirus Act unlawful, review finds

700 million men and boys: China builds mega DNA surveillance database


June 16th 2020 Update:

NHS Disclosures Show 'Sensitive Personal Data' is Being Unlawfully Shared, Expert Explains


June 14th 2020 Update:

Oxford’s ‘New Normal’: Towns Requiring ‘One Way Pavements’ as Condition to Reopen Economy

The State of Emergency as Paradigm of Government: Coronavirus Legislation, Implementation and Enforcement


June 13th 2020 Update:

‘It’s your DUTY!’ Hancock says Brits MUST abide by test, track and trace - threat issued

‘Contact Tracers’ Have Power To Quarantine At Their Discretion


Posts Before 13th June 2020:


The UK government is in talks with facial recognition firms to develop COVID-19 immunity passports

EXCLUSIVE: Bill Gates Negotiated $100 Billion Contact Tracing Deal With Democratic Congressman Sponsor of Bill Six Months BEFORE Coronavirus Pandemic

Start-ups race to develop Covid-19 immunity passports

Coronavirus digital health passport to be supplied to 15 countries

Introducing V-Health™ - 'The Peoples Passport'

Royal couple Mike and Zara Tindall sign up as ambassadors for 'digital health passports' designed by Manchester firm

Corona Crisis and Leviathan: Big Brother Comes to Your Town and iPhone. Drones and Contract Tracers

Mass surveillance and the NHS contact tracing app

How Covid, the riots and mass surveillance all tie together

Mandatory Masks, Contact Tracing, Social Distancing - Tyrants Desperately Clinging To Power

Italian Government Recruits 60,000 Informants to Spy on Neighbors During Lockdown

Big Brother Watch Emergency Powers Report

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