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Civil Unrest - Archive of Links

Updated: Oct 23, 2020



September 15th 2020 Update:


August 21st 2020 Update:


August 18th 2020 Update:


July 13th 2020 Update:


July 8th 2020 Update:


July 1st 2020 Update:


June 30th 2020 Update:


June 23rd 2020 Update:


June 20th 2020 Update:


June 15th 2020 Updates:


June 14th 2020 Updates:

BLACK LIVES MATTER: CORPORATE AMERICA HAS PLEDGED $1.678 BILLION SO FAR - Funded by huge corporations to the tune of nearly $1.7 billion, and they say this:

"What is surprising is the paucity of corporations and the stinginess of the donations. In a sense, this shows the true regard corporate America has for black people..."


June 13th 2020 Updates:

How the incident in the two videos above ended:


Posts Before June 13th 2020:

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Discerning the Covid-19 Agenda


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